Wow, what a strange year 2020 is shaping up to be. It’s definitely a year we will not forget! As I’m sure you are, I find myself constantly thinking about COVID-19 at the moment, and all of the news updates are enough to make any of us nervous. For those of you planning Weddings this year, I can only imagine how stressful this must be, and I am so sorry you’re having to deal with this.

As so, I wanted to make sure I play my part in trying to minimise the stress you may be feeling at the moment. Let me say I’m feeling stressed too! I own a small business, this year may not turn out to be the year that I’d hoped for, however my goal is to be easy to work with, understanding, and flexible for all of my couples through this COVID-19 chaos! I want you to feel totally supported, and know that I’m here for you in this crazy time!

Firstly important to say, that until we’re told otherwise – I’m operating business as usual, providing we’re all well, all bookings are going ahead as planned!

But, just in case things get a bit more serious, or either of us face unfortunate circumstances, I wanted to share with you my coronavirus action plan, and some tips and advice.

How will I help

  • I will be even MORE flexible with you about cancelations and postponements than it states in my contract. I’ve gone into this in detail below. There are many unknowns right now due to COVID-19, and I want to help make photography one less stressful thing to worry about.
  • We are a healthy household, following all government advice and taking extra precautions to stay healthy.
  • I will wash my hands thoroughly before every wedding/ photoshoot, and multiple times throughout.
  • I won’t shake your hand or hug you when we meet. We can awkwardly wave, haha.
  • I will not touch you, and I will keep a healthy distance if possible during sessions. If you ever feel uncomfortable about anything during our shoot/ your event, feel free to say – there will be no awkwardness here! Communication is key.
  • I will minimise my personal exposure to large events, sick people, and crowded places as much as possible.
  • If you have an engagement shoot, and due to self-isolation, or any other reason, you would prefer to delay and instead have a “honeymoon” post-wedding shoot, when hopefully all of this will be behind us, then that’s absolutely fine. Just try and give me as much notice as possible!

Coronavirus tips and advice

  • Don’t panic, we will get through this!
  • Be honest with yourself and others about your health and travel. Now is not the time to pretend you are healthy if you are feeling a little off. Stay at home and reschedule stuff. Think of yourself and others.
  • If you are getting married and have event insurance, check to see if your insurance covers anything impacted by the Coronavirus. As lot of insurance companies are sneaky and they will NOT cover stuff but it’s good to know in advance, as to where you stand.
  • If you are getting married, keep your guests posted about ways you can help them! Post on your wedding website about the virus situation, and ask sick guests (politely) not to attend! Tell people what precautions you will be taking as their wedding host. Keep them updated with travel plans. Communication goes a long way!
  • Get creative about ways to include people who can’t be there. Perhaps find a way to live stream your ceremony, or as much of the wedding as possible so they can watch it from afar. Or hire a videographer to capture the day for them to see later.
  • Communicate with vendors as much as possible if you are considering postponing your event. The worst thing is to cancel last minute! Most of our businesses will take a huge hit this year from the virus, and we are trying our best to help clients. You can help us too by being super open about your plans.
  • Be open to having a smaller wedding than you originally anticipated. It could be really special!
  • Remember we are all in this together, we are nervous. We are all getting hit economically, and worried about loved ones getting ill. Be kind. Be understanding. It will go a long way!

Coronavirus FAQ for Wedding Clients

Postponing your wedding due to Coronavirus

I completely understand that you may need to delay your event due to travel restrictions, self-isolation, fear for the health of family members or being sick yourself. If you decide to postpone your wedding to a new date, your deposit will transfer over, as long as I’m not already booked on the new date. Please reach out to me if you need to change dates, so that I can accommodate you. I’m here to help.

If you move your wedding to a date that I am not available, I will help you to find a new photographer. If I can re-book your original date I will refund your original deposit.

Cancelling your wedding due to Coronavirus

If you don’t want to postpone your wedding, and need to cancel it all together, I understand. No additional fees will be payable or if balances have been paid already, they will be refunded. If I do end up making a booking on your original date, I will also refund your deposit.

What happens if I get ill or have to self-isolate before your wedding

If I feel ill (have a cough, cold, fever, body aches) or have to self-isolate, making me unable to photograph your wedding I will inform you as soon as possible and ask how you would like to proceed. Here are two options if I am unable to photograph your wedding:

  • I will secure a talented replacement photographer to photograph the event in my place. I am a member of multiple groups, giving me access to 100’s of Wedding Photographers. I am very confident that I would be able to find someone to cover your event for you. I will involve you in this process and make sure you’re fully aware of who your new Photographer will be. I will still edit all of your photos myself in my editing style if at all possible. I will also give you a 10% discount off your total package to compensate for having a different photographer on the day.
  • If you want to find another photographer by yourself, I will refund you in full.

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Let’s get through this together! I’m here to help, and answer any questions you may have.