5 Tips for How to Enjoy Your Pre-Wedding Shoot!

Like many couples before you, you may be feeling a little apprehensive ahead of your Pre-Wedding Shoot. The idea of being in-front of the camera fills many of us with dread. We don’t know what to do with our arms, our faces stiffen up, we can’t seem to smile naturally, we don’t know where to look…and the idea of it is all rather stressful!! Well, I want help to put your minds completely at ease, and I really want you to enjoy our your Pre-Wedding Shoot with me.

I see Engagement Shoots (or Pre-Wedding Shoots as I tend to call them now, as usually they take place closer to the wedding day than to the actual engagement) as a great opportunity for you to get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. I want you to see this shoot as a practice session. An opportunity for you to get to know me, get used to being in front of the camera, and above all to have fun!

I’ve put together my 5 top tips, for how to actually enjoy your Pre-Wedding Shoot! I hope it will help you to relax and feel prepared, whilst giving you a good idea of what to expect.

1. Relax

So the first thing I want you to know is that the shoot will be completely relaxed, you’ll just be meeting me and my camera and before I even pick up the camera, we will just have a walk and a chat and get to know each other a little bit. I want you to feel as relaxed and at ease as possible. I’d love to use this time to hear more about your wedding day plans, and of course you can ask me any questions you may have too. Many couples tell me after a Pre-Wedding shoot that it just felt like a walk and a chat with a friend!

2. Be Yourselves

Your Pre-Wedding photos should reflect you as a couple, so I want you to be yourselves. Have a giggle, have a chat, throw some sticks in the river, walk the dog, sip some coffee. Do whatever you love doing together normally, and you’ll soon relax into the shoot. I’ll provide gentle direction to make sure you’re looking your best, and to help you to relax if you stiffen up, but there will be no forced or awkward poses I promise!

3. Wear Something You Feel Great In

I often get asked by couples what they should wear on their Pre-Wedding shoot. My advice is to just make sure that you’re dressed in something you feel really good in! If that means dressing up a little, then do that – or if you’re more comfortable in jeans and wellies, that’s fine too! My only ask is that you try and choose complimentary colours (i.e. avoid colours that clash) and avoid wearing overly dark colours or large logos, as they can distract from the image. 

4. Bring Anything that Makes You Happy

You’re more than welcome to bring anything you like to the shoot, if it makes you feel comfortable, reflects you as a couple, and will help you to relax. I’ve had babies, dogs, bottles of wine, cups of coffee and full on picnics at Pre Wedding shoots before! Often a ‘prop’ of any sort, helps to give you something to do, which in turn helps you to relax! If you’re walking the dog, or simply sipping a coffee, you’re less likely to be as worried about the photo that’s being taken!

5. And Finally….Take The Pressure Off

There is absolutely no pressure attached to a Pre-Wedding Shoot. Whilst I’m certain the images will be gorgeous, and you’ll be super eager to share the images immediately on social – if you want to keep them private, that’s your decision… unlike your wedding photos which everyone will be demanding to see! So take the pressure off, and see this shoot as a complete practice run, something fun to do as a couple, and an opportunity to create some lovely memories of this exciting time in your lives!

Katherine xo


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